Over 60 former prosecutors,

2 sitting State Attorneys, and

10 former Orange County Bar Association Presidents support

Ryan Williams for State Attorney.


Those who know the job, know Ryan will do the job.  

— Abraham Lincoln

"He's proven that he is ethical."

— Jamie Moses,

Senior Counsel, Holland & Knight

Hear more from Ryan's supporters:

"He sought justice and not a leg up.."

— Kristen Holodick,


Hear more from Ryan's supporters:

Proudly Endorsed By

Central Florida

Fraternal Order of Police

"The best job you could have is your hobby and in Ryan's case, his hobby happens to be justice."

— Euri Cerrud, Partner CPLS

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Let's Bring Accountability and Justice To Our Community

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Now more than ever your vote in local elections will shape our community's future. Make sure to vote and share with your friends and family how Ryan Williams plans to put ethics and justice at the forefront of our legal system. 


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